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Meetsomebody is a new and unique site that takes a different approach to flirtatious social interaction. We have many unique features so If you're unable to find an answer to your question please contact us directly.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes, the site is 100 percent free. We know it can be frustrating to visit a "free" site only to find out that it's free to register and then you need to pay a subscription fee to read messages or unlock specific features. Meetsomebody does not currently and will not ever charge a subscription fee to use any feature of this site. All features are free to use.

How do I create an account?

You can register an account with Meetsomebody by clicking the Register link from the top menu bar. You can also register quickly and easily using your Facebook or Google + accounts. Simply click the appropriate button on the registration page.

Why was my account deleted?

We have a zero tollerence policy for SPAM or fake users. If you attempt to SPAM other members or are asking for money your account will be removed permenately. If other members flag your profile your account may be removed after review and careful consideration. Uploading nude or obscene images would also be a reason for account deletion. Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again.

How do I upload photos?

Any number of photos can be uploaded by clicking the Photos link from the top menu bar (You must be logged in). All photos must be a minimum of 300 x 300 pixels. From a browser you can also drag n drop photos into the browser for uploads. All Photos are subject to approval before being displayed in certain areas of the site.

How can I block a user?

If you want to stop any further correspondence with another member you can block them from contacting you. You can do this by visiting their profile and clicking Block User located under their photos. You can also select the checkbox for a recent message and choose Block User from the Options menu under Messages.

Does Meetsomebody have a mobile app?

Yes, Get the latest free version

Android app on Google Play

iOS app on App Store

How do I retrieve my password?

To retrieve your username and reset your password click the Forgot Password link on the login page. You should receive an email with a reset password link. If you don't receive an email please check your SPAM folder.

How do I disable email notifications?

You can disable and enable specific email notifcations for all features of the site from the message settings page under the notifications tab.

Why can't I send messages

Before you can contact another user you must verify your email address. This is done to help discourage fake users from registering and contacting other members. After signing up you'll receive an email activation link. If it's not in your inbox please check your SPAM folder. If you need to change your email address that you registered with you can do so by visiting the notifications tab under the message settings page. A new activation link will be sent when the address has been updated.