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The Messaging system in Meetsomebody is extremely flexible and easy to use. It provides several options like tracking your sent messages and letting you know if a member has read and/or deleted your message. It also maintains the conversations sent between you and another user.

To view a message
Click the Messages link. Recent messages are displayed at the top

To reply to a message
Click the message in the inbox, from the Conversations pane type your response at the bottom and click Send Reply.

If your message is not being sent, it may be for the following reasons

  • The recipient has mail settings that restrict you from contacting them.
  • The recipient has blocked you from any further contact.
  • You have sent too many messages for the day

To report abuse
Enable the checkbox for the abusive message, click the Options button and then choose Report Abuse.
From the dialog you must select a reason and add any addional information we should now. Click the Report Abouse button.


To view the conversation between you and another user select the recent message and the entire conversation will be displayed in the Conversation pane.

To delete a conversation
Enable the checkbox for the message, click the Options button and then choose Delete Conversation.

Deleting Messages

Enable the checkbox for one or more messages, click the Options button and then choose Delete Message. This will remove just the selected message and not any prior messages from the same user.

Blocking Users

If you want to stop any further correspondence with another member you can block them from contacting you. You can do this by visiting their profile and clicking Block User located under their photos. You can also select the checkbox for a recent message and choose Block User from the Options menu under Messages.

If you're interested in meeting them select "Yes" or "Maybe" from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the profile. Select "No" to remove them from the list. All Mutual attractions will be displayed under Mutual Attractions.

Mail Filters

To enable mail filters
Click the Settings button from Messages

You can filter who can contact you based on the following options

  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Minimum Age
  • Maximum Age
  • Looking For...
  • Relationship Status
  • Lifestyle Choices

EMail Notifications

You can disable and enable specific email notifcations for all features of the site from the message settings page under the notifications tab.

Enable/Disable EMail notifcations for the following events

  • New Messages
  • New Questions
  • New Comments
  • New Photo Rating
  • Favorites
  • Winks
  • Meet Me
  • Gifts Received